Hi! My name is Akash Bartlett.


I have a through understanding of lighting power, data, control and design, with the Vectorworks and AutoCAD knowledge to communicate everything clearly. I'm fluent with many lighting consoles and have a high standard of production quality. And most importantly, I've got great people skills and do well with the many distinct personalities in our diverse industry.

I have a B.F.A in Lighting Design and Technology from the University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music. I also have a minor in Information Technology from the UC School of IT.

I am a qualified draftsman and am fast in Vectorworks and AutoCAD. On the jobsite, I do well as a master electrician, crew lead, programmer, or designer - and I love to work with show control and production networking. Before the pandemic, I worked with 4Wall Entertainment in LA as a Production Technician and crew lead. My work with them was primarily corporate, theatrical, and festival, with some in TV and Film as well. Currently, I am a project manager at Crosslight Inc, where I help develop, spec, and draft new lighting systems for many manufacturers, including ETC / HES.

I got my start onstage, and have a very musical background. To this day, I still play multiple instruments and am skilled at reading a musical score. This is a great advantage when designing for musical acts and performances.

In my spare time, I enjoy building homelab computer systems and networks. I love the outdoors and long road trips, and have traveled across almost the entire United States and internationally as well. I am currently building hours and training to get my Private Pilot license, which has been a lifelong dream.